Glenn Christie

Director, Mortgage People and Insurance People

Glenn has worked in financial advice for as long as he can remember, but says the one thing that hasn’t changed,
is the pivotal role of relationships.

“I think if you genuinely like working out solutions and working with all kinds of people, you really can’t go wrong in
this industry,” says Glenn. “That’s what Carey and I did when we started out two and a half decades ago – we knew
everyone in our area and we built lasting relationships.”

Glenn and Carey started Mortgage People – at the time under the trading name Property Pack – in 1989, after many
years working with other financial organisations.

“When we took over the reigns of Property Pack, there really was very little in the way of residential mortgage broking.
But it was definitely needed. There was a real lack of understanding between lenders and borrowers, so we basically
became the facilitators of that conversation.”

And that was very much at the beginning of the mortgage advice industry – an industry that Glenn says continues to be both
interesting and gratifying to work in 25 years later.

“We’ve seen many things in our time – watched companies come and go; banks change and borrowers get savvier.
But regardless of all the industry moves, we’re still simply in the job of helping people make things happen. And that
is a real pleasure to come to work to do.”

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