Carey Brunel

Director, Mortgage People and Insurance People

Building a career across the many different facets of a financial organisation gives you a pretty thorough idea about
how money works. This was certainly the case for Carey in the years before the launch of Mortgage People
(at the time Property Pack) in 1989.

“In my early career I took whatever opportunity I could to broaden my understanding of the whole picture. I wanted to
understand the detail that makes this money system – a system that plays such a big role in our lives – work,” says Carey.

As someone who is tirelessly interested in how a tweak here and adjustment there in the accepted thinking could deliver
positive change for consumers, Carey has regularly been part of driving change in the industry.

“This is a great industry that we work in. What we do – when done well – can truly have a lasting, positive impact.
In our book, we should always be looking for ways to improve what we do.”

“We’ve always believed in challenging the accepted thinking and looking for new ways that financial products can best
meet the needs of Kiwis. It continues to be THE big reason for doing what we do.”

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