Phillip Gilmour

Registered Financial Adviser

One of the most important aspects of my service is to ensure my clients have a thorough understanding of their
situation and what will work best for them now and in the future. It’s just one of the ways I can help save thousands
over the terms of their home loans.

I’ve been a mortgage adviser with Mortgage People for 18 years. During this time I’ve helped many home buyers get into
their first (and subsequent) homes and have become an expert at navigating the minefield of construction lending.
I also have a large client base of investors and commercial buyers.

My help doesn’t stop once the mortgage is approved. I provide an ongoing service, so for example, if there’s any change to
interest rates I’m here to advise clients of what it means to them. Access to the latest and best market information and a
commitment to ongoing support, means my clients get all the facts they need to make decisions that work for them.

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