I want to buy my Investment Property

Investing in real estate won’t make you an overnight financial success but as months turn into years it will prove to be a very powerful investment. Trust us we have helped hundreds of people to financial security through investing in residential real estate which has outperformed mostly all other investments that you can think of for almost 30 years…. well that’s how long we have been in business. 

Do I need a cash deposit?

Not necessarily, if you have reasonable equity in your own home then this can be used as security to purchase your first residential property it’s called leveraging or using other people’s money in this instance the banks!

In fact if you have cash our advice to you will be to use this to repay as much of your personal mortgage as you can and then re borrow it for the investment property, that’s known as tax efficiency and we are experts at this too when it comes to residential property investment!

Buy an investment property and save on taxes?

Did you know that under current New Zealand tax laws any loss from investing in a rental investment property will generally result in a tax refund not only can you claim the interest from the investment as tax deductible you can also claim mostly all other costs associated with the property. It all comes down to negative gearing and we’ll show you how to achieve this and collect property tax refunds on a monthly basis!

How do I find the right investment? 

There is several things to consider here like how much can I spend which we will tell you and finding a property that’s going to be attractive to a tenant remember this is not for you to live in so transport, shopping and good schools all come into this equation. You could also buy, renovate and rent which will instantly add value and provide you with a higher rental return. Whatever your situation our mortgage brokers are well equipped to help you identify the right property and undertake comprehensive due diligence to make sure the investment is right for you.

Getting the best mortgage:

If you deal with just one of the banks you are never going to know if the deal you are being offered is the best one but after arranging literally thousands of loans for thousands of clients we know exactly who’s providing the best deal at any particular time. 

I’ve been declined: 

So what just because one bank has declined you it doesn’t mean they all will, all the banks have different lending criteria so just because one bank has said no it doesn’t mean the next won’t say yes! And remember this we are experts at ‘thinking outside the square’ and structuring deals.

We don’t stop there!

After identifying the right property and signing the sale agreement we are happy to refer you to a team of professionals such as solicitors, accountants and property managers to ensure the purchase process is as stress free as it should be.

Who said you have to stop at one!

It’s true the old saying “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” certainly applies but as we have said as the months turn into years you will be able to acquire additional investment  property that will provide you with positive cash flow from your investment portfolio and oh don’t forget about the capital gains! Look at these facts there is high immigration and a real shortage of property so combine the old adage of supply and demand with low interest rates and you have a recipe for perfect residential investment!

Saving the best for last!

Our service is completely free yes that’s right we are paid by the banks so you pay absolutely zero to have us look after the whole process for you.

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