I'm thinking about sub-dividing Unitary Plan

The New Auckland Unitary Plan

Under the new Auckland Unitary Plan many properties can be subdivided into smaller lots and additional houses built on them. This means you can build another dwelling on the property and either rent it out for a passive income or sell it along with the part of the land that the new property has been built on enabling you to pay a chunk off your existing mortgage or just plain invest the money if you don’t have a mortgage. The Unitary Plan has given people options they just didn’t think existed and we at Mortgage People have assisted these people to identify the options that exist and maximise the hidden potential in the property.

1. Choose a Planner/Surveyor
- You will want to choose someone with a good reputation, we know the best.
- Someone with the right experience who can stick to deadlines.
- Someone who can stay within budget while giving a quality service.
- Someone who is well connected to the right people to help smooth the process.
This is where all the details of your project are discussed and a plan going forward is agreed upon.

2.  Apply for Council Consent
This will be completed by the Planner/Surveyor, they will do things such as:
- Check the plans register
- Check the zoning
- Obtain survey plans
- Check the titles
- Site inspection
- Measure up
- Prepare resource consent documentation
- Submission to the council

The planner/surveyor will outline the timeframes with regards to this

3. Council Approval with Consent conditions
The time frame during this process will be approx 6 weeks, depending on the application. This will typically include any conditions that the council require such as:
- Payment of council financial contributions
- Fencing bush lots
- Constructing entrances to council standards
- Completing sanitary systems and storm water systems to council
Once again, the planner/surveyor will go through this process with you and help meet any requirements together with outlining the next steps.

4. Engineering Design and construction requirements
If needed your Planner/Surveyor can organise any engineering or construction services that may be required. They have experience in this area and can help smooth this process for you.

5. Actual Surveying
This is where your property will be surveyed to include such things as:
- Surveying computations
- Preparation of land transfer survey plans
- Carrying out the actual survey work, measuring etc
- Lodgement of completed plans
- Obtaining the next stage of council consents

6. Ensure all Council consent conditions have been met and obtain permits
This involves ticking off the last of the conditions needed to meet the council requirements together with the payment of any financial contributions left owing to council. Once these are all complete the surveyor will request the Sections 224c completion certificate from the council.

7. The completion certificate is forwarded to your solicitor with all other relevant documentation. Your solicitor will then deposit the plan and obtain the new titles
This is the final step in what can seem like quite an involved process, it’s not to us though as we have done it many times before for ourselves and for clients. Having the right people around you is critical in this process, we are the right people!

8. Your next step
So, you have subdivided and have a second section, the next step is to decide where to from here. Do I build and rent the new house, do I build and sell the new house or do I sell the existing section? These are questions you will need to answer and we can assist you to make the right choice.